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A Quality Diaper Bag Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

As with anything we also want to get the best value for our money. Diaper bags are no exception to this. I want to tell you what to look for when you are looking for a diaper bag and also tell you what price range you can expect to be paying.

New Diaper Bag Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to make your own diaper bag? Well I found this really good tutorial on how you can do it yourself. It is a really cute diaper bag and it doesn’t look that hard to make at all. Please comment if you are thinking about doing it. Diaper Bag Tutorial

Guide to entering daycare

Whether you’re a new mom or seasoned parent placing your child in a day care facility is both exciting and scary. As a parent your goal is to find a day care atmosphere that best fits your families needs and wants. This article outlines some things to look for when entering daycare, especially what to [...]