A Quality Diaper Bag Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

As with anything we also want to get the best value for our money. Diaper bags are no exception to this. I want to tell you what to look for when you are looking for a diaper bag and also tell you what price range you can expect to be paying.

There are many different factors that make up a quality diaper bag. These are the things that are a must when you finally decide on your diaper bag. You need to make sure that the inside of the diaper bag is protected by a plastic or vinyl layer to help things keep looking new. It is also good to have a diaper bag that is made out of material that is easy to wash down like vinyl or leather or make sure that it is machine washable, like cotton.

It is good to have a separate compartment for dirty diapers and dirty clothes. Another plus is to have bottle compartments that keep the bottle upright.

Zippers and Velcro must be of good quality. The best way to test this is by simply trying it out. Does it zip freely without binding? Is the Velcro of good quality? Is there plenty of surface area to affix the Velcro to? You will be using the zippers and Velcro very often, especially if you are in and out of your diaper bag often. It is a plus to get zippers that are two way zippers. This means that you can unzip the bag from either way!

You need to make sure that the stitching is of high quality. You diaper bag will hold heavy loads and it is important to make sure that the stitching is going to hold up for years and years.

The shoulder straps need to also be of high quality and adjustable. If you can find shoulder straps with a friction material on them it will be more comfortable to carry on your shoulder. The shoulder straps also need to be padded. After spending a half a day in the mall with a diaper bag on your shoulder you are going to be happy that you got one with a padded shoulder strap.

Some smaller diaper bags won’t have all of these features but you still need to make sure that it is quality and that it will last. You can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $100 depending on how fancy you want it. The more features usually mean more money, so make sure if you are paying a premium that the diaper bags has all the bells and whistles you want, but know that you can still get a high quality diaper bag for a reasonable price.

You can find quality diaper bags on online auction sites like craigslist.com and ebay. You can also find diaper bags at garage sales and consignment shops. Since you have read this article you know what to look for when you are looking for your new quality diaper bag. Happy Shopping!

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