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Guide to entering daycare

Whether you’re a new mom or seasoned parent placing your child in a day care facility is both exciting and scary. As a parent your goal is to find a day care atmosphere that best fits your families needs and wants. This article outlines some things to look for when entering daycare, especially what to pack and how to prepare your child’s diaper bag.

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What a Child Wants in Her Diaper Bag

I sit here with all of my 15 month old friends at day care carefully examining their snacks that Miss Amy, our day care provider, pulls out of their diaper bags for them.  Joey’s mom packed fish crackers, he’s pushing them around his tray helping them swim.  Gracie has string cheese that looks very funny when she pulls it away from her face.  Michael has the best snack of all… he has a cup of applesauce.  He eats his fruity snack in style because his mother packed a green elephant spoon for him.

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