My Baby Diaper Bag » Diaper Bag Accessories Helping You Find The Perfect Baby Diaper Bag Thu, 02 May 2013 16:30:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Can I Put a GPS Tracker in My Baby Diaper Bag? Tue, 15 Mar 2011 01:56:48 +0000 mark GPS trackers are great for all sorts of things including finding your diaper bag. You can easily install one of these in your inner pockets of the bag or you can have a tailor sew a special pocket in it so you won’t even know it is there. Having this tracker will provide you with piece of mind that you will always be able to know where your diaper bag is located, even if it gets stolen.

Trackers are good for a lot of other things, we will talk about some of them below and hopefully answer a few of your questions along the way.

As a parent, it is only normal for you to worry about your child’s whereabouts. Since the number of missing children is increasing rapidly every year, the GPS tracker was invented. This device is not hard to operate and can enable you to track your child wherever he is. To use the tracker, what you need to do is to connect it to your child. During times when you want to know where he is, just simply message the tracker and it will instantly show you where your child is at the present time in the form of a map.

However, if you would also like to track your child even when you are at home that is also possible. As long as you have a computer and can connect to it, the map can also be sent by the tracker there. Parents today are so lucky for they can now find their child easily with the help of modern technology. This could have never be done before. This tracker is really very helpful because it provides peace of mind to parents who want to know where their children are especially if it is already late and they haven’t come home yet.

For parents whose children who are still babies, the most common question is;”Can I put a GPS tracker in my baby’s diaper bag?” Actually, you can but keep in mind that the device would work well if it is attached to the child and not as good when it is inside a bag. Due to this reason, if you have a nanny and you asked her to bring along your little one with her, you can attach the tracker to her instead of placing it inside the bag or placing it on your baby. By doing so, you can still trace where your child is.

If you are planning to buy one of these devices and you want to know how the product works, ask the sales clerk this question first;”Can I put a GPS tracker in my baby’s diaper bag?” If her answer is yes, then you must follow her advice. I’m sure that she will be providing you with further instructions on how to use the tracker in case you are going to buy it. But before you purchase the device, also ask for some tips on how to care for the item.

By doing so, you will be able to know what you can and can’t do to the device. A piece of advice that you can use though is that you must make sure that you get a tracker from a good manufacturer. This will help ensure that the one that you get is of good quality product. Always consider your options, read reviews and compare prices. If you do this, you will surely get the best of what’s out there. Trackers can really be very helpful if you know how to use them. This means that having one can really be an advantage especially if you’re a parent.

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Choosing a Bag For Those Dirty Diapers Sat, 07 Nov 2009 23:05:54 +0000 mark Once you have your diaper bag bought you need to figure out what you are going to put your dirty diapers in. This is especially important if you are cloth diapering. Even if you are using disposables you still need to put the dirty diaper in something till you can find a garbage can, and is it really that nice to put a dirty diaper in someone else garbage can.

There are many different types of bags out there ranging from the single use bag to the homemade multi-use bag. You want to make sure that the bag you choose is going to have a waterproof liner so the dirty diaper won’t leak all over your bag. You also want to have a way to close the bag so the diapers don’t fall out or stink up the bag.

We are expecting our first baby here real soon and with all the free things you get when having your first baby we have received many free disposable diapers, even though we are going to use cloth diapers.

Along with these free diapers we have received have come free dirty diaper bags. They are nothing special and appear to be just a heavy duty zip-lock bag.

You can also go to baby boutiques and get colorful bags there. This is nice because you can go to the store and feel the fabric. This way you have a better feel for what you are getting versus buying one online. Even though you can get a pretty good deal online I prefer touching the bag myself before I buy something, that way I know that it is good quality.

We bought all of our cloth diapers from a local store here in Des Moines, IA. Actually it is from a lady that makes all the diapers, bags, and slings herself. We like that because we want to be sure that we are supporting our community because that is all we got, right? Well enough about that.

We bought our dirty diaper bag from her at I know its online but we were able to go to her house and check out all the product before we bought anything and we really liked the quality of her products. This bag has a waterproof liner and a string tie on the top to close the bag once you get some dirty diapers.

I think it is very good quality and I also like that we are supporting our community by purchasing locally.

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