My Baby Diaper Bag » Diaper Bag Contents Helping You Find The Perfect Baby Diaper Bag Thu, 02 May 2013 16:30:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Save Money With Cloth Diapers Sun, 14 Feb 2010 02:58:24 +0000 mark Save money and be green with the use of cloth baby diapers. A better choice for baby to use and 100% cotton for absorbency. New all in one cloth diapers are available and as simple to use as the disposable diapers. With a waterproof outer layer that is all in one with the cotton diaper. Instead of tape on disposable diapers, the cloth diapers have Velcro closures. The disposable diapers fill the landfill and take years to break down.

Fill the diaper bag with convenient all in one cloth diapers. Pack enough for a day on the go. The cloth diaper will keep baby dry even when baby is active throughout the day. Packing the diaper bag is easy with cloth diapers and they do not take up that much space. Therefore, it easy to still fit all other baby items for the day like the bottles, toys and baby powder.

Natural material is used in cloth diapers and is comfortable for baby to wear all the time. Cotton is a natural choice in selecting cloth diapers for baby. Cleaning is fast and easy too. The savings is great because the re use of cloth diapers instead of purchasing disposable diapers and throwing them away in the trash. With disposable diapers it is like throwing money in the trash.

New energy efficient washers and dryers keep the cost of washing cloth diapers to a minimum amount. It is also convenient not to have to run to the store every time you run out of diapers. With cloth simply wash a load of diapers and diaper baby.

In addition, cloth diapers are adjustable to baby’s size. As baby grows simply adjust the cloth diaper. As opposed to disposable diapers that get more expensive the bigger baby gets. You will be saving even more money using cloth diapers. Cotton cloth diapers have added comfort and are fitted exactly to baby’s current size.

So remember to pack the diaper bag with cloth diapers is just as convenient. They are a comfortable choice for baby and easy to wash. Purchase enough to have a full diaper bag for outings and at home. This will enable enough cloth diapers to be available, such as for the babysitter, home, and grandparent’s house. Keep the diaper bags full replacing cloth diapers as they are used. This will ensure enough cloth diapers are clean and ready to use. Cloth diapers are the right choice for baby.

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Choosing The Right Baby Bottle Thu, 04 Feb 2010 03:11:42 +0000 mark It is vital to choose the right baby bottle for you and your baby. There are many different styles to choose from. There is also a vast selection of colors, different material and nipple shapes. The choice of bottle size is determined on the amount of feeds your baby is going to take. To choose the right bottle material, you must think if you are going to serve breast milk or formula milk. You must keep in mind that the selection of a good bottle is of utmost importance so your baby would not suffer from stomach upsets, gas pain and other related problems associated with bottle feeding.

The nipple size and style is important especially if you are breastfeeding as well. Moms will normally pump during the night while their baby sleeps to get their milk reserves up. During the day if mom needs a break from breastfeeding she can give her baby the bottle. The nipple size and style of the bottle needs to be approximately the same size of the mother’s nipple. If these are relatively the same size it will reduce what is called nipple confusion.

If you opt to bottle feed your baby, it is of immense importance to buy a baby bottle warmer. Baby bottle warmers can be placed in any room and you can quickly warm up bottles of milk.  This is a fast and safe way to warm bottles as to  quickly satisfy your crying baby.  Before you purchase one, you must check that it’s design fits the bottles you are using.

Dr. Brown Bottle is one of the best choices you can opt for when you think of buying the right bottle to feed your precious baby.  A University study showed how Dr. Brown’s bottles help to preserve essential vitamins like vitamins C, A and E.  This is of utmost importance for the health and growth of your infant. Its fully-vented system creates no air bubbles.  Thus it reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas. These bottles are also free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC, lead and phthalates.  This bottle design is sure to have lots of healthy benefits for your baby.

Choosing an Avent Bottle is another really good choice you can do.  Avent’s bottle system works well for mothers who decide to breastfeed and even for mothers who choose to give their babies formula milk. Its wide silicone nipple designed to mimic a mother’s breast are the perfect choice for those mothers who give their infants both breast and formula milk.  You can find a variety of nipple sizes based on age. It also has an air flow system that helps to prevent gas pain.

A good quality diaper bag is also essential to carry all the things needed to take care of your baby. My baby diaper bag has special storage places especially for baby bottles. They normally have elastic at the top to keep the bottle upright.  There are many fashionable designs and a wide range of prices for you to choose from.  There are designer bags for the use of both Mom and Dad.

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No BPA Concern With Glass Baby Bottles Wed, 03 Feb 2010 01:56:15 +0000 mark Having a baby can be stressful. There are just so many things to do and think of. You are always worried about whether or not you are making the wrong or right choice. For a parent, it is not only the big things that are a stress. It is the little things too. The laundry, the never ending laundry, packing the diaper bag when you are going out or everyday when you are going to work is another stress that you have to tackle. Doing the food shopping and of course, making sure everything is clean and sterilized including your glass baby bottles.

There are so many different types of things and products out there for babies today. So many different types of pacifiers, diapers, baby wipes, diaper cream and baby bottles. The newest concern today is that of BPA, a chemical that was once very common in baby bottles. This chemical was used in a lot of plastic baby bottles, cups and pacifiers. The concern was that the chemical was released when heated to a certain temperature which would make using a dishwasher to clean them or a warmer to warm them possible harmful to your child.

To eliminate this concern many manufacturers have stopped using this chemical. If you want to avoid any worry about the chemical coming into contact with your child try using glass baby bottles. This will make feeding on the go a little more difficult but will ultimately relieve any stress that you may have when it comes to plastics and your baby.

When packing a diaper bag you have to have a checklist in your head. Start at the beginning of your day and go through what you do on a normal basis. Make sure you have everything you need. Extra onesies, extra socks, extra clothing area must when you have a little one. When it comes to bibs think about how many meals your child is going to have while you are out or at work. Then make sure you pack twice as many bibs. This will allow for those unplanned spit ups. Make sure you pack diaper cream, diapers and of course do not forget nail clippers and their favorite toy. If your child takes a pacifier, make sure you pack two.

Do not let packing the diaper bag become a chore. If you keep it relatively packed and replaces things that you use as you go it will become less of a chore and more of a routine. It is not a bad idea to keep an extra small diaper bag in your car at all times. This will help you to avoid those uh-oh moments when you are out longer than you plan. You can never be too prepared.

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Choosing a Bag For Those Dirty Diapers Sat, 07 Nov 2009 23:05:54 +0000 mark Once you have your diaper bag bought you need to figure out what you are going to put your dirty diapers in. This is especially important if you are cloth diapering. Even if you are using disposables you still need to put the dirty diaper in something till you can find a garbage can, and is it really that nice to put a dirty diaper in someone else garbage can.

There are many different types of bags out there ranging from the single use bag to the homemade multi-use bag. You want to make sure that the bag you choose is going to have a waterproof liner so the dirty diaper won’t leak all over your bag. You also want to have a way to close the bag so the diapers don’t fall out or stink up the bag.

We are expecting our first baby here real soon and with all the free things you get when having your first baby we have received many free disposable diapers, even though we are going to use cloth diapers.

Along with these free diapers we have received have come free dirty diaper bags. They are nothing special and appear to be just a heavy duty zip-lock bag.

You can also go to baby boutiques and get colorful bags there. This is nice because you can go to the store and feel the fabric. This way you have a better feel for what you are getting versus buying one online. Even though you can get a pretty good deal online I prefer touching the bag myself before I buy something, that way I know that it is good quality.

We bought all of our cloth diapers from a local store here in Des Moines, IA. Actually it is from a lady that makes all the diapers, bags, and slings herself. We like that because we want to be sure that we are supporting our community because that is all we got, right? Well enough about that.

We bought our dirty diaper bag from her at I know its online but we were able to go to her house and check out all the product before we bought anything and we really liked the quality of her products. This bag has a waterproof liner and a string tie on the top to close the bag once you get some dirty diapers.

I think it is very good quality and I also like that we are supporting our community by purchasing locally.

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