Getting a Free Diaper Bag is Easy

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Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting times in an individual’s life, however, it can prove to be one of the most expensive. Even items such as a diaper bag can carry a price tag that can leave mothers and fathers wondering how they will ever afford everything that baby needs. Many first-time parents do not realize that there are many companies in the baby product industry that help take some of the burden off expecting parents by offering free items such as a free diaper bag.

“But how do I get my baby diaper bag free?” is possibly the first question that may come to mind. A host of companies, such as, Nestle, Enfamil and Nursery Water, offer a free diaper bag or infant formula carrying bag, when an individual signs up to hear about the company’s product line or agrees to receive information about offers. Many of these offers are presented in the form of contest, where the expecting parent will need to fill out a form and then be chosen from the list of sign-ups to win the diaper bag. Most of these offers require online registration through the product carrier’s online website, while other offers appear in baby magazines or even on the packages of products.

The Enfamil baby formula company hosts a program called “Family Beginnings”. This program offers a free diaper bag, free baby formula sample and coupons and gift offers totaling over $250 for the expectant parent. The offer also includes an EnfaChill single bottle cooler that accompanies the diaper bag with complete instructions on how to attach and use the cooler bag. Participants in this program print a certificate off the Enfamil website and present it at the hospital when the baby is born. The Nestle Company also offers a similar program, however this freebie is distributed through an online offer. Those wishing to participate need to sign up on the company’s website and enter their contact information, as well as information regarding the baby’s birth date or due date. This offer also included a number of free coupons and offers, as well as the free diaper bag.

Besides the offers that can be taken advantage of on baby product sites, there are online parenting websites and forums that will offer a diaper bag to new members. Normally these types of give-a-ways only go to a few participants; however, this is dependent on the particular website and the company sponsoring the offer.

Hospitals also offer free baby items, including a free diaper bag when the mother takes her new baby home. These offers are sponsored by participating baby product companies and normally include a host of other baby products and samples, as well as coupons for later purchases. Many of the free items are similar in nature to the items promoted in online offers. However, some are not. If an individual is looking to participate in a “certificate” offer by a particular company and does not produce the printed coupon, they may receive a different item when leaving the hospital.

Expectant parents can find many different freebie offers, especially online, if they do their homework. Taking the time to research offers made by different companies will help new parents find the perfect free diaper bag for them and their baby.

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