What a Child Wants in Her Diaper Bag

I sit here with all of my 15 month old friends at day care carefully examining their snacks that Miss Amy, our day care provider, pulls out of their diaper bags for them.  Joey’s mom packed fish crackers, he’s pushing them around his tray helping them swim.  Gracie has string cheese that looks very funny when she pulls it away from her face.  Michael has the best snack of all… he has a cup of applesauce.  He eats his fruity snack in style because his mother packed a green elephant spoon for him.

I watch in amazement as one by one the children sit down to an utmost delicious, visibly nutritious snack and wait patiently for Miss Amy to pull my snack out of my diaper bag.  By this time, I’m sure your asking yourself, what did I pack as a snack for my absolutely adorable, extremely loveable baby?

Nothing.  That’s right, you packed nothing.  No delicious applesauce.  No cheese sticks.  No fish crackers.  You forgot to send an utmost delicious, visibly nutritious snack for your absolutely adorable extremely loveable baby!  An old saying goes, “it’s like stealing candy from a baby.”  The problem is, there was no candy to be stolen!  You plum forgot to send a snack with me to day care!

Now normally I wouldn’t complain all that much, in fact, I’d probably just cry until I got something remotely similar to what my friends were having.  However, this was not the first time that I was embarrassed to have such an unprepared diaper bag sent with me while you were away.  So I thought I’d write this letter with a bit of advice.

The obvious contents within a diaper bag are diapers and wipes.  Being the practical parents that you are, I am always clean and dry.  However, Joey’s mom packed A and D ointment in his bag.  When he got a bit of a rash, Miss Amy lathered up the A and D to make him feel better.  And boy did he!  He was running around pulling the books off the shelves in no time!  Personally, I’d like to have some diaper rash ointment in case I get a rash.

I’d love to have a change of clothes and it’s always nice to have an extra sweater just in case the weather changes.

Remember, when I was 12 months old and you forgot my binki so I had to chew on my sock?  How would you like to chew on your sock?  On that particular day, my teeth were hurting and I really needed some soothing rubber to chew on to sooth my gums.  For now on Mom and Dad, please pack me a tether or a pacifier, because socks really don’t taste good.

Gracie’s mom packs her this funny wiggly caterpillar that moves when you pull its string.  Michael has a cool mirror he likes to play with…. All I could find in my bag was an old, already used spoon and a plastic bag.  Trust me, these are neither fun nor safe for me to play with.  So please pack me a few extra toys to play with just in case we have to go to one of those not so fun, noisy adult places where you expect me to be quiet.  I can tell you this; I will no longer be sitting patiently in a grocery cart waiting for you to choose what type of peanut butter you’d like to have.  So take this as fair warning, bring extra toys to keep me occupied.

Michael’s parents who are overly protective, but extremely prepared organized an emergency bag that is kept in the pocket of his diaper bag.  In this emergency bag you will find: band aids, hand sanitizer, tissues, extra formula, baby Tylenol, feeding utensils, an extra sippy cup, a changing pad, she even packs a camera just incase something cute or memorable happens!

So Mom and Dad, as you can see, you really need to be more prepared in the future.  All of my friends parents have jumped on the organized bus of prepared diaper bags, I really feel as if you should jump on that bus too!

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